Sunday, November 22, 2009


I know I've been slacking in my posts (even though I'm pretty sure I only have a couple of readers) however, I'm just not in the mood to blog during the day after being at work and on a computer all day. Here's my favorite shade of pink.

In the past, I have not been a huge pink fan. I like natural shades but the color pink itself? Not a huge fan. This is China Glaze Fly. It's got a lot of purple in it (which is probably why I love it so much) and has a gorgeous pearl-like finish. I love it on my fingers during the summer and am thinking that it'll end up on my toes pretty soon. During the winter months, I love putting bright colors on my toes. It just makes me happy!


For some time I've been looking for someone in Kansas City who does Minx nail application. Luckily, last month I found a place right by my house! I went yesterday and absolutely love the results! I would definitely do it again and next time I'll choose a design that's not so "popular". This is Flowers.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Deep (colors)

Every time the UPS man pulls into our cul-de-sac, I can't help but hope it's some new goodies for my collection. This week my delivery consisted of 5 new colors. Holiday Glow and Ginger Bells from OPI's Holiday Wishes collection, Millennium and Robotica from China Glaze's Khrome collection and Revvvolution from Color Club's Femme Fatale collection. OHHH my. I've swatched Holiday Glow and Millennium, as those were the polishes I was most eager to see on my nails.

First up is Millennium. Admittedly, it was a little difficult to apply because it's thicker than most polishes. It dried really fast and that made my left hand a little streaky. I've been coveting the Sally Hansen chromes from a few years back, but to purchase those now would cost an arm and a leg. The finish is not as mirror like as one would expect but it's still a great polish - I own nothing similar to it.

Holiday Glow. What can I say about this color. It's brownish, vampy and glittery. Everything I love in a polish. I've never seen a color close to this before and I LOVE it. I was really nervous when I saw the clumps of glitter on the inside of the polish bottle but it applied like a dream. It's definitely more sheer than most OPI colors I own but with three coats, this is definitely a keeper. I'm really pleased with it and I know I'll be wearing this a LOT.

I still have a whole catalog of old swatches to post but I couldn't resist posting these right away :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm not an addict

Maybe that's a lie.

Presently I'm obsessed with Country Club Khaki. I LOVE this color. It's a mushroomy-taupe-pinkish-purple beauty by Orly. Some have compared it to Grunge by RBL but I think this is much darker. I usually wear a color once and change it the next day but this particular color just might stay on all week.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Purple Rain

While reorganizing my polishes the other day, I came to the conclusion that I really must love purple polish. I'm pretty sure that I have at least 15 different shades of the color in my collection. Here's a few of my favorites:

Pamploma Purple by OPI is a rich purple creme. It's a true purple with pink undertones. I've seen it on many different skin tones and it compliments everyone. Admittedly, it's the only color I purchased in the Espana collection because the other colors seemed blah.

Savita by Zoya is my first matte polish. I wasn't a huge fan of the matte craze but this color makes me a believer. Not only does it look amazing in it's natural coverage but a coat of Seche Vite brings this color to a whole new life.

Pinta by Zoya is brand new to my collection. I love the rich, vampy-ness of it. It's got a strong blue undertone and almost looks black when in low lighting. I am becoming a HUGE Zoya fan and this color is another reason why.

Last but not least is Fatal Affair by Misa. It's a dark purple with purple and blue shimmer. It's the only Misa color in my collection mostly due to the fact that I don't like the brushes. They're too thick and that causes messy nails!

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green (but it is!)

My favorite greens, including my NEW CND Green Scene that JUST arrived today. Words cannot express how much I adore this color. So we'll start off with it!

A beautiful Kelly green. It looks so great on my freshly painted nails. I waited quite a while to purchase any of the CND's because they were on back order for so long! It was SO worth the wait. This may be my favorite color so far in my collection. Here's another shot with the Effect of Jade Sparkle on my ring finger.

Another new green in my collection is Envy by Zoya. A few weeks ago, Zoya had a buy one get one sale. The max was 6 purchased and 6 freebies. Needless to say, I ordered 12. Envy is a dark forrest green, almost black. It reminds me of Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow by OPI with it's rich undertones.

Michelle at All Laquered Up created an AMAZING line for Barielle this summer and Polished Princess is one of the most vibrant colors in the collection. Sported by celebrities and common folk like myself, this color grabs the attention of everyone.

Last but certainly not least is a holo called L8R G8R by China Glaze. LOVE LOVE holo's. I discovered this retired line a few months ago and immediately purchased the silver in the collection, OMG. Once I realized how amazing and unique that color was, I had to have L8R G8R.

True Blues

Here are a few of my favorite blue shades. In no particular order (other than darkest to lightest/brightest) I present:

Mariner by butterLONDON. I love this rich navy blue. Acquired during a giveaway for Earth Day this year, this is one of the best navy's out there.

Yoga-ta Get This Blue by OPI. AHHHH! This was a recomendation color from my friend and fellow nail polish slut, Heather. I love the shimmer in this medium blue polish. I'll re-swatch it eventually. This is a crappy pic from my iPhone.

Aqua Baby by China Glaze. Summer blue - need I say more. Not only is this aqua amazing on the hands but it's quite the flashy color for the summer months.